Writing In An Ideal Place? Where’s Your House of Dreams?

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Writing

Home Is Where the Keyboard Is

As I write more books and work on building a business around the writing, I often wonder where I would like to live and operate from. We’re in California now and I have a hard time envisioning this as the place. But it could be. After all, this is where almost all the kids and grandkids are. Of course, that makes any decision to move, a tough one.

Great Memories

I think a lot about the home country. By that I mean southern Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee. I grew up in a neighborhood on top of a hill about 15 miles north of Cincinnati. It was quiet. Everybody knew everybody. And us kids never seemed to spend much time inside the house. We were always on our bicycles or out in the woods somewhere.

It Never Stays the Same

Our house is gone now, replaced by my cousin’s new house. My dad sold the property to them many years ago when my folks moved down to western Kentucky. In fact, there is a lot of new construction all over that hill. Big fine homes, and a golf course. At least on one side of the hill. The other side is still quiet and simple. I love that side of the hill. And I love the memories of what used to be on the other side of the hill. Horse farms, pastures, barns, and friends. Lots of friends.

To Buy or Not to Buy

That hill is on my mind today because one of the houses is for sale. I watched the house being built on top of that hill. I might have been six or seven years old. I loved going up and watching the construction. The builders paid me $1 a bucket for picking up rocks from the front yard. In hindsight, I guess it was merely a ploy to keep me out of their way. But I thought I was doing something constructive.

I’m seriously considering the purchase of that house because the pictures of the upstairs bedroom, with its hardwood floors, looks like a place I would want to write. I know that wherever we move to next, will be the final destination. Well, you know, the final destination before the final destination. I still have a couple cousins up on that hill. One would live right across the street from me.

So, I’m looking for my final writing place. I feel like I have many more books still in me. Many stories to tell. I’m just looking forward to finding my home to do it.

Where is your dream home?


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